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Alpha is an Artificial Intelligence software, that uses a combination of machine learning, reference data, business rules and OCR/ICR technologies to extract the information you need.  Alpha provides you the ability to automate business processes as easily as feeding a document into Alpha. You can extract the valuable data from your structured or unstructured documents, speed up your business transactions, and enhance efficiency and accuracy in your daily business functions. Information can be routed through an authorisation process by Alpha’s electronic workflow and any outputs are seamlessly integrated into your preferred line of business system.

Automated Workflows

Alpha can automate the human entry and tasks between people and systems. Implementing efficient processes and structured execution of your data using rule-based logic.

Powerful Data Extraction

Alpha can process complex documents from Reinsurance contracts, accounting statements to even clinical trail protocols, providing you the ability to import from many different file types.

Document Input

Alpha can analyse and support various document types i.e. PDF, Word, Emails, Excel. Alpha will process your information based on the defined business requirements and let you validate your information before submission.

OCR & ICR Software

The more information that is processed through Alpha, the more intelligent decisions Alpha can make. User feedback helps Alpha to continuously improve and become ever more accurate.

System Integration

Alpha can be integrated with any preferred line of business system. Alpha can load your document or parsed information into SharePoint, a shared network folder, download into an xls file, or even send it over E-Mail.

Streamline Workflows

Alpha provides you the ability to customise your workflow with conditions, triggers, and limits.

Increase Productivity

With automating recurring tasks, Alpha enables you to get more done in less time by executing your activties.

Data Validation

Each field provides a confidence level read to tell you how confident it was in selecting that correct value.

Easy Integration

Jean Edwards ABLE platform enables you to integrate with any external database or system.

Automating your daily processes, increasing efficiency and giving you back time to focus on more important things!

 Business Analyst

Alpha Statistics in Processing

 Insurance/ Reinsurance Contracts

Contracts in the reinsurance and insurance industry can contain many pages where a user may need to go through to extract fine details like contract periods, business partners, premiums and limits, and other key details which may be hidden within the document. Alpha can locate this information from multiple layers quite effortlessly.
Compared and analysed against previous implementations, here is where Alpha stands against manual entry.

Data entry errors reduced by 50%

Alpha shown a great reduction in entry errors, enhancing data integrity through it's process management.

Entry processing is reduced by 80%

Learning by patterns and features, items such as business information, values and dates were processed with minimal effort.

Contract entry reduced from 3-4h to 30 mins

The AI-Powered data entry automation provided higher contract certainty, lowering final sign-off by half a day

Alpha Contract Video

As easy as 1,2,3..

Jean Edwards Consulting Artificial Intelligence Software Solution can analyse and transform any document type in four easy steps. All you need to do is tell us is how you want Alpha to capture your information and where information needs to be stored, and we will do the rest!

Upload a Document to Alpha
via Outlook Plugin or Manually through Portal

Extracted Output Ready for Review
All defined data will be presented

Alpha will begin to Analyse
Using OCR/ICR, Machine Learning & A.I Technologies

Upload Information to LOB
After review, Alpha will load information with an
API into your Line of Business

Alpha Revolutionising the Drug Development Life-Cycle

With Alpha's versatility we have partnered with eMQT to process clinical trial protocals.

Analysing publicly available clinical trial protocols, Alpha captures and analyses the important data like trial design, methodology, and statistical considerations, and then populates the input effortlessly into the clinical trails website using our ABLE platform.

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