Alpha is an Artificial Intelligence software that captures and analyses information within documents, automatically populating all defined fields in connected systems.
Alpha brings together a range of technologies into one package using a blend OCR/ICR, machine learning technologies, A.I Analysis, reference data and business rules to help read, contextualize and extract your data.
Alpha streamlines the manual data entry process and offers a host of additional business benefits, from workflow streamlining and transparency to management analytics and insights into business data.

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ABLE Workflows

Our IT solutions carve the path for organizations to modernize infrastructure and optimize workflow like never before. This service provides a wide variety of technological capabilities to boost efficiencies, enhance security and allow infinite scalability for future growth. With this resource and our expertise, we’ll help maximize your organization’s productivity.

ABLE Tasks

Need to manage your emails and documents all in one place? What about allocating tasks to your team and streamline business workflows? As a business, we need to track our documents and structure our information according to tasks.
ABLE Tasks allows you to create these workflows within your business, providing many features to manage and action your tasks. ABLE Tasks can also be integrated to any external system for upload and can even parse your tasks using OCR and Machine Learning technologies!

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ABLE Forms

With two thirds of the world's reinsurers using the SICS database system, our IT solutions team have developed a suite of automation tools which sit in one software package we call 'ABLE Forms'. Using our proprietary ABLE platform for seamless integration with SICS's APIs, this slick application allows users to optimize their SICS workflows like never before.
From modules for integrating with banks - to automatically read statements and book cash into SICS, or control the sending of outgoing payment requests - to automatic export of data to leading GL systems, to modules for batch booking of adjustment premiums and instalments, and controlling retro placements, ABLE Forms help clients around the world increase efficiency, reduce overheads and take control of previously laborious, manual processes.

ABLE Migration Tool Kit

As digital transformation continues to drive businesses, organizations need a fast and efficient approach to data migration that ensures to protect data integrity throughout the entire process.
The Migration Toolkit ensures a smooth transition when migrating tables or data between a source system and a target system. To mitigate the risk of data loss or corruption, the Migration Toolkit offers features that control’s batch sizes, define data and system through filters and many transformation methods to provide efficient and enhanced migration control.

ABLE Reconciliation Tool

In many enterprises, where there are a number of separate systems engaged in processing data, there arises the daunting task of checking and reconciling data. Discrepancies in data must be detected, tracked and corrected as quickly as possible. Reconciling data helps to check for completeness and precision of your data and detect any data inconsistency.
Jean Edwards Consulting Reconciliation Tool is used to compare data from any source and target databases or system, providing high-quality reports to reduce inaccuracies and improve overall data quality. ABLE automates and standardizes the reconciliation process, detecting errors before they become problems.

Retro Portal

Time is a rare and precious resource that can't be reproduced, so optimizing each minute we spend is a value far greater than money can buy. One way to accomplish this goal is by using Retro Portal to increase productivity. It can significantly minimize the need for manual input, automating many of the time-consuming processes


With the high-volume of data that we collect and distribute from significant documents like statements, financial transactions and balance sheets, the Parser Tool can extract information from inaccessible formats, parsing the key contents required for your target system.
The Parser Tool identifies patterns within the documents, contextualizes the data and automates the worksheet submission process, where large scale of figures is presented and a high level of accuracy should be presented.
Specializing in Financial reporting, business and financial statements and much more.

GL Interface

GL interface assists in financial data organization and financial statements preparation. It benefits in minimal manual intervention, improved visibility and efficiency.
GL extracts accounting information to be transformed and transferred to their general ledger application. It has its own built-in scheduling functionality which extracts data either manually or automatically on a weekly schedule. Automatic reconciliation features are also implemented to ensure that the two systems are in alignment on a transaction by transaction basis.

Payment Tool

The payment tool is an application to automate the ingestion of daily bank statements. Each statement is efficiently parsed and the relevant entries are proficiently and automatically created in any preferred line-of-business system, saving many hours of manual work every week, and increasing accuracy and audit-ability.